VANPACK | AR in Coca-Cola
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AR in Coca-Cola

In 1915, Coca-Cola introduced a classic glass bottle packaging, broke the beverage industry plastic packaging practices. Although the cost is much higher, but the sales had turned several times, then it is caused by the industry to follow suit.

Coca-Cola has a lot of products,different small adjustments in different countries, signs and bottles, there are many collectors, which means that Coca-Cola is not a simple beverage FMCG, is a continuously updated works of art.

Coca-Cola logo in 2007did a streamlined, plastic once again become the mainstream packaging materials. Then, Coca-Cola plastic bottles to reduce the 5% of the material, the bottle curve is more user-friendly, in terms of ease of use to make a breakthrough improvement, easier to hold, easier to open. Among them, the Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld design for the Coke bottle should be our deepest impression, it even boarded the show field T station!

In 2010, the French designer Jerome Olivet designed another Coke bottle, a consistent bottle design for Coca-Cola, the bottle looks more like a spacecraft travel, full of futuristic and sporty, flowing lines and type, The body looks more mysterious bottle, a bit like the aeromatics of the racing body of elegant, had to admire the designer amazing imagination.

In 2016, as the longest sponsor of the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola in the Lynx fan lie area and the T-mall store on-line “Coca-Cola fans lying”, for users to create an interactive AR game, inviting consumers to play the bottle trademark .

Coca-Cola with AR-augmented reality technology, to consumers, especially young people to bring new fun to participate in the experience, the user and the brand had a zero distance. Activities on the first day, Coca-Cola T-mall store traffic growth of 1500% chain, the conversion rate increased 13-fold chain.
This is a century-old Coca-Cola business, product packaging, from our recent innovation. Coca-Cola from the past, the case of product packaging can be expected, AR technology, will lead a new product packaging trends.

First of all, what is AR technology?

AR, also known as augmented reality technology, is a new technology that integrates real-world information and virtual world information seamlessly. It is a kind of new technology which is difficult to experience in the real-world time-space. , Sound, touch, etc.), simulation and then superimposed, the virtual information applied to the real world, by human sensory perception, so as to achieve beyond the reality of sensory experience. Real environment and virtual objects in real time superimposed on the same screen or space at the same time.

At first glance it seems like the film’s future technology, in fact 2016 AR technology has more and more appear in our lives, it has three salient features.

First, the real world and virtual information integration
In today’s fast-paced society, most people will not be in a ubiquitous advertising on the packaging too much, so simple and clear, highlight the label, has become the mainstream style of packaging now, but for those who attempt to users More information to pass on the product, it must be discarded on the packaging a lot. The AR technology can solve this problem, it allows users based on simple product packaging, the choice of whether to obtain more information, and those more information is a virtual presence, and reality in the real information or objects complement each other, and generate more information as a chemical reaction. This will meet the different browsing needs of the user habits, even a very simple message, the user will leave a deeper impression than before.

Second, with real-time interactive
Traditional product packaging is solid-state, one-way, through the people’s visual, auditory, taste or tactile to carry out product promotion, AR technology is including, but not limited to these somatosensory, joined the guidance of consciousness. Those virtual information generation, changes are the user’s own autonomy to control, is completely user-centric. This real-time interaction with the game-like fun, allowing users to spontaneously participate in the operation, by the virtual image superimposed on the real media, so that information can interact, so that the scene be extended.

Third,more valuable information
AR In addition to outstanding entertainment, the greater contribution is to make information more convenient and interactive wisdom, so that information is more valuable. Product packaging through the AR technology, you can add more useful information services, information-assisted product sales. For example, a bottle of beverage scanning, there will be on the beverage sales locations, production components, as well as nutritional value, people quickly and accurately access to the needs of the product. Virtual and reality itself is contrary to the two factors, the combination of the two, with 1 +1 is greater than 2 results.

2016 AR industry to achieve a leap-forward development, in addition to this world-class Coca-Cola hundred years of business, the domestic side, such as Alibaba and Tencent have AR layout, such as the new three small and medium-sized AR ARA shares, AR will be used in the field of advertising and marketing. AR technology through a more comprehensive display of selling points and detonated the idea of brand communication, will become increasingly popular.