VANPACK | Dell Make Ocean Plastic Recycling
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Dell Make Ocean Plastic Recycling

Dell Make Ocean Plastic Recycling

Dell has set up a new project, the goal is to be possible to flow into the ocean caused by pollution of plastic recycling, produce for  packaging.

The company, based in Rhodes Rock, Texas, is currently collecting hdpe in Haiti, creating a new packaging tray for its xps132-in-1 computer.

The plastic waste is recycled, processed, and then mixed with other hdpe before entering the ocean, making up to 72 grams of plastic pallets, used to place the computer at the time of shipment.

Affected by harsh environments, the performance of these plastics has been degraded, Dell will be 25% of the recycled plastic and 75% of the standard consumption of plastic mixed together to create the tray.

“This new package is the first to show that marine plastics can also be used in the global business.” Dell’s supply chain director kevinbrown said.

The Dell side said the project will collect 16,000 pounds of plastic from the environment (before entering the waters).