VANPACK | Flexible Packaging Trend
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Flexible Packaging Trend

From the packaging award dialysis :

According to the UK Smithers Pira consulting firm published a report on the high barrier packaging film market, the global high barrier packaging film market will grow from 20 billion US dollars in 2016 to 2021 can reach 11.32 billion US dollars. In 2016, the world consumed a total of 1.86 million tons of high barrier film, the expected consumption will be 4.6% annual compound annual growth rate continued to grow in 2021 to reach an annual consumption of 2.23 million metric tons. High barrier packaging films are rapidly evolving, driven primarily by packaging lightweight, and high barrier plastics will also continue to replace other materials in packaging bags and packaging containers.

 Autoclave Dispos-a-vent® barrier bag

Autoclave Dispos-A-vent® Barrier Bag provides medical device manufacturers with a new soft pack solution for high pressure (steam) sterilization and moisture protection. The package was awarded the 2016 FPA Soft Pack Achievement Award. Autoclaving Dispos-a-vent® barrier can not only withstand steam sterilization at high temperature and pressure, but also from the primary packaging sterilization to the product during use, blocking the bag to prevent the product from damp.

KOHINOOR non-slip bags

This bag is used for high-quality rice packaging won the 2016 FPA soft package achievement bonus award. This bag itself can not wear broken, no microporous, with a high barrier, can effectively prevent insects or other microorganisms into the bag. The surface of the embossed surface of the friction coefficient is very high, can be multi-pallet stacking operations effectively prevent the bag from falling.

Exponent 2 ™ barrier material

Exponent 2 ™ combines ultra-high barrier ClearFoil® materials with inert sealants, a coextruded amorphous polyester that replaces chemically sensitive Barex® applications. The barrier material won the 2015 FPA Soft Pack Achievement Award. Exponent 2 ™ is ideal for applications that require special barrier and clarity. The oxygen and moisture barrier properties can be reduced to 0.0008 cc / 100in2-24 hrs, 0.0008 g / 100in2-24 hrs, respectively, and this full polyester Exponent 2 ™ material can be used for the most sensitive product applications compared to conventional aluminum foil construction.

Freshness Plus® Packaging

Food Care Freshness Plus® has been awarded the 2015 FPA Soft Pack Achievement Award. The package uses an innovative barrier film that effectively prevents oxygen from migrating into the bread, keeping the bread longer and longer, extending the shelf life to over 40 days and reducing product shrinkage by up to 50%. These advantages are equivalent to helping processors and help retailers improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and bring them more revenue.