VANPACK | Intelligent Pharmaceutical Packaging
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Intelligent Pharmaceutical Packaging

Jones Packaging, Inc., of London, Ontario, Canada, has recently introduced a convenient way to “smart pack” the drug by introducing an interactive “smart label” that changes the way people buy drugs, especially over-the-counter drugs, as long as they are through a smartphone.You can easily understand the drug information to see if it is applicable.
With the support of the Canadian National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and the Swedish National Innovation Agency, Jones Packaging has partnered with the Norwegian and Swedish Thin Film Electronics Manufacturers Association to achieve this technological achievement.

With the development of society,consumers need to “dialogue” with the packaging product,through the new intelligent packaging,and manufacturers of digital interaction, access to the required information. For the manufacturer,the technology provides a large number of new opportunities for manufacturers to understand consumer needs and offers coupons and loads to customers in related products, with built-in sensors and tracking devices that enable consumers, Health workers and manufacturers understand whether product packaging is tampered with during transport, which is particularly useful for high-priced drugs or luxury goods such as cosmetics, perfumes or alcohol, and is effective in preventing the risk of counterfeit products.

At present, Jones Packaging’s equipment can produce 15,000 kits with OpenSense tags per hour, which is a huge leap in technology, enough to surpass other competitors. Previously used proximity sensors can only rely on manual production per hour 100, and can not complete online verification. It is predicted that intelligent packaging technology will be effectively promoted by 2020 to achieve double-digit growth, and selling the global market.