VANPACK | Packaging Plastic Bags Can Not Be Use In Kenya
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Packaging Plastic Bags Can Not Be Use In Kenya

Kenya Environment Minister Jodi WACKER Hong Kong announced on the 15th “plastic bag ban” since August 28 this year, Kenya will ban the use, manufacture and import for all commercial and household packaging plastic bags, all Kenya supermarkets, shopping malls, Bazaars and other commodity retail sites will no longer provide plastic shopping bags.
Head of the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi,executive director of the United Nations Environment Program in the personal social media account praised the ban, that Kenya this move for the world to set an example, hoping to inspire more national action.
Kenya had previously introduced restrictions on the use of plastic bags, but the binding and poor execution, the effect is not satisfactory. According to statistics, Kenya only consumes 100 million plastic bags per year.
For a long time, plastic bags have had a devastating impact on the environment in the East African region, including blocking the city’s sewerage, causing livestock and marine life to die, accumulating sewage to mosquitoes, and making soils worse and damaging the city.