VANPACK | Spanish Forbidden Free Plastic Bags
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Spanish Forbidden Free Plastic Bags

According to the Spanish media reported that in response to plastic bags in EU ban on shops, supermarkets,the Spanish government decided,no longer offer free plastic bags to reduce the “white pollution” from next year. The minimum cost of biodegradable plastic bags is 5 to 10 cents (about 0.3 to 0.5 yuan), non-degradable will charge 10 to 15 Euro cents, depending on different thickness, the most expensive plastic bags may spend 50 cents.

Except Spain, other EU countries are in the ban on shops, supermarkets, free circulation of plastic bags, and gradually reduce the use.Expect from 2019, each person can only use 90 plastic bags per year, and at the end of 2025 per year can only use 40 pcs.